OK, legit question time:

I am such a newbie to actual fandom participation (lurker 4 lyfe), so forgive me if this is something that’s been established, but: is there some sort of agreement on if fics/fannish works should be held to the same standards of representation we hold source material (or, really, any mainstream media) to?

I ask because I’ve become somewhat flummoxed by the tendency for fans to disparage media for lack of positive female representation (in the vein of only one of this year’s oscar nominees passes bechdel, wtf - WHICH IS A COMPLETELY VALID COMPLAINT even if I don’t think that bechdel is the be-all and end-all of feminism in media) or the lack of representation of PoC’s (in the vein of, well, adapted-for-race bechdel test, ALSO A COMPLETELY VALID COMPLAINT), ect ect, and then see those self-same fans, when faced with the opportunity to create their own narratives through fic …. only write about white dudes.

Is the assumption that because fic is a) free, and b) reaches a far smaller audience, authors don’t have the same responsibility that networks or film directors have? Are these fans being hypocritical, or is it in bad taste to criticize material that people are creating for no reward other than nebulous internet-approval?

Essentially, is “you only ever write about white dudes! wtf?” a valid criticism for fan authors, or should we keep that in the realm of wtf-ing the mainstream?

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